Useful Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Arthritis Symptoms

When it comes to arthritis there is no single diet that can cure it, be it rheumatoid, osteoarthritis or any another type of arthritis. But if you can stick to your goals and make some changes to your diet you’ll definitely reduce some of the symptoms. Here are some tips that will help reduce some of the symptoms;


Using omega-3


Most people will pause for some moment when they heard the term “omega-3”. The first thing that comes into their mind is heart; Omega-3 doesn’t really affect your heart negatively. The fatty acids help individuals that are having arthritis.


Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory effect which will help reduce arthritis symptoms. An excellent source of omega-3 includes olive oil, flaxseed, fresh water fish, and wild salmon. Foods that are rich in omega-3 are highly recommended to people who’re suffering from arthritis. You should however reduce intake of omega-6 because they increase inflammation instead of decreasing it. And mostly they’re found in red meat & vegetable oil.


Add Vitamin D Supplements


There is no magic pill or diet that could cure your arthritis. For health care options you may need one of the Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. Check into If you can set achievable goals, and plan your diet properly, things will come at ease. Vitamin D deficiency can lead a number of diseases such as osteoporosis which is part of arthritis


Studies show that individuals having osteoarthritis reported less pain when they take vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D when combine with calcium help improve joint and bone health. If you have arthritis you should consult your doctor to know your level. If you’re at low level you should consider adding vitamin D with fortified fatty fish, dairy products and eggs. You should add vitamin D everyday on regular basis; you should consume 1000IU – 2000IU daily.


Consume More Fruits And Vegetable.


Just like omega-3, vegetable also posses’ anti-inflammatory effect, if you really want to benefit from these benefits then there’s a need to add fresh vegetables in your diet like broccoli and cauliflower. You should also include strawberries and blueberries. They contain anthocyanins which is also capable of reducing inflammation. Strawberries are good sources of vitamin C, you should add similar fruits like citrus fruits, bell peppers and mangoes. Vitamin C can prevent your body against rheumatoid arthritis.


You should have lean proteins like fish combine with your fruits and vegetables. This also improves your waistline. Weight loss can also play a big role in reducing arthritis symptoms by lowering stress on your joints.


A research was conducted between patients suffering from osteoarthritis and obesity. They compared diet in combination with exercise, only diet, and exercise alone in reducing the stress on the knees. Diet combined with exercise produce the best result, and then followed by only diet without any exercise.